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Brava Beach

An unforgettable view...

Brava Beach - Buzios - Brazil


Brava Beach Location Map - Buzios - Brazil How to arrive: The Brave Beach is located between the beaches João Fernandinho and Olho de Boi. At the end of the "Estrada da Usina", to few blocks of the center, one again bends to the right following about 200 meters and tour to the left being continued about 300 meters more.


Brava Beach Aerial View - Buzios - Brazil Extension: 700 meters
Geography: Extensive pink sand beach, divided to means by a rocky formation that can be still happened to pié with high tide. Also their ends are formed by rocks that are submerged in the sea.
Characteristics: Cove of opened sea, waters blue, and fresh. The Brave Beach is divided in two, being that the part where it is acceded has great waves and an ideal generally shaken sea for the practice of surf. The other part of the beach presents/displays a more barren sea but with waves with crystalline waters and much marine life. The beach are no constructions surrounding.


Brava Beach - Buzios - Brazil Services: Sector urbanized with small beach kiosks and restaurants that offer to the delicious and varied plates, drinks, parasols and reposeras. Parking with monitoring.
Sports: Surf - Mergulho - Fishing in the rocky ends.
Activities: A scene natural exuberante, calm and reserved, ideal for the reading and the meditation